Peter and Dan Snow's Treasures of British History

Peter and Dan Snow's Treasures of British History

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Title: Peter and Dan Snow's Treasures of British History  The Nation's Story Told Through Its 50 Most Important Documents

Author: Peter and Dan Snow

Publisher: Andre Deutsch

Publication Date: 2018

ISBN: 9780233005621

Format: Box Set

Pages: 191

Dimensions: 22 x 25cm

Weight: 0.9Kg

Product Description ​​​​​​​

Told by two of our most celebrated historians, this is a spirited journey of discovery of our nation's history seen through the examination of 50 key documents. With a wealth of experience between them on politics, military history and today's current affairs, Peter and Dan Snow are the perfect guides to appreciating the significance of each document. The documents have been researched from the collections of The National Archives, The British Museum, The British Library and the National Records of Scotland and are set alonside a commentary from the authors explaining their criteria for selection and providing the pertinent details of each document. 

From the Magna Carta and Elizabeth's Tide Letter, in which she begs her sister for her life, to the official design for the FA Cup, Churchill's Finest Hour speech following the Fall of France, a ticket stub to the Beatles' first concert, and the signatories of the Good Friday Agreement, this beautifully designed book is a must-have for all history enthusiasts.

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Publisher: Andre Deutsch
Product Code: 9780233005621
Weight: 0.9kg