Mark Kermode - How Does It Feel? A Life Of Musical Misadventures

Mark Kermode - How Does It Feel? A Life Of Musical Misadventures

Paperback, ISBN 9781474608992

Following a formative encounter with the British pop movie Slade in Flame in 1975, Mark Kermode decided that musical superstardom was totally attainable. And so, armed with a homemade electric guitar and very little talent, he embarked on an alternative career - a chaotic journey which would take him from the halls and youth clubs of North London to the stages of Glastonbury, the London Palladium and The Royal Albert Hall. Hilarious and blissfully nostalgic, this is a riotous account of a bedroom dreamer's attempts to conquer the world armed with nothing more than a chancer's enthusiasm and a simple philosophy: how hard can it be?


'At the heart of this entertaining memoir is a little boy in his back garden in Finchley, banging out a rhythm on saucepans with a couple of wooden spoons' Daily Mail

'A rocking whirlwind of a tale' DANNY BAKER

'Wonderful . . . will increase your zest for life' RICHARD AYOADE

'Entertaining . . . what comes through every anecdote is the author's genuine enthusiasm for music' Spectator

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Publisher: Orion
Author: Mark Kermode
Format: Paperback
Product Code: 9781474608992
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