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Lulu Taylor  - Three Book Collection
Lulu Taylor  - Three Book Collection
Lulu Taylor  - Three Book Collection
Lulu Taylor  - Three Book Collection
Lulu Taylor  - Three Book Collection

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Lulu Taylor  Three Book Collection

A Midwinter Promise

A Midwinter Promise by Sunday Times top ten bestselling author Lulu Taylor is a dramatic story of loss, grief and the legacy of secrets.

'Don't you just want to grab this, switch off the phone and curl up on the sofa? Winter bliss from Lulu Taylor' - Veronica Henry, author of A Night on the Orient Express.

The past
A lonely and imaginative child, Julia loves her family's beautiful and wild Cornish home with all her heart. But, marked by dark troubles, she enters her adult years determined to leave and seek a new beginning in London. It's there she meets the handsome David. They fall in love but, when Julia becomes pregnant, even he can't stop the terrible echoes of the past from ringing in her ears. The only sound to be heard above the noise is the old Cornish house, calling her home . . .

The present
For Julia's adult children, Alex and Johnnie, the house hides the history of their family within its walls. For Alex, it is full of memories of her late mother. For Johnnie, it is the house - rightfully theirs after Julia's death - that was stolen. With their father now lying in a hospital bed, time is running out for Alex and Johnnie to uncover the secrets of what happened to their mother all those years ago. Can they discover the truth before the house closes its doors to them forever?

A Winter Memory

A house full of secrets is at the heart A Winter Memoryan absorbing family drama from bestselling author Lulu Taylor - perfect for the winter months.

Years ago, Helen fell for the charming Hamish and was enchanted by his family home, the romantic Ballintyre House. Elegantly sat on the edge of a loch in western Scotland, the house has been home to the Ballintyre family for decades. Now, seeking refuge from a scandal that has cost Hamish his job, they are living with his older brother Charlie at the house, while his troubled mother is never too far away. Struggling with her own problems, Helen is surprised to find that Charlie's wife has vanished. No one else seems at all concerned. Where has she gone, and why?

In 1968, sixteen-year-old Tigs is madly in love with James Ballintyre, her childhood friend and hero. When he marries another woman, her heart is broken. She tries to find her way to a new life and a new love but, somehow, everyone is called back to Ballintyre in the end. Tigs is no exception . . .

Ballintyre has always been the setting for revelations of love, obsession and betrayal. Now, as Helen seeks the answer to Charlie's wife's disappearance, she is forced to confront her own difficult truths - as the events of the past reach forward to touch the lives of those who still call Ballintyre home, and reveal their secrets . . .

'Don't you just want to grab this, switch off the phone and curl up on the sofa? Winter bliss from Lulu Taylor' - Veronica Henry, author of Escape To The Cornish Bakery series.

Her Frozen Heart

Her Frozen Heart is a thrilling mystery from Lulu Taylor, top ten bestselling author of The Snow Rose.

Caitlyn, there's something I have to tell you. About Sara.

Caitlyn thinks her marriage to Patrick is a success. For one thing, he is one of the few people not to fall head over heels for her beautiful friend, Sara. Life is lived on his terms, but they are happy.

Aren't they?

When a devastating accident turns her existence upside down, Caitlyn is forced to reassess everything she thought about her marriage, what she truly knows about Patrick, and his real feelings for her best friend. In the refuge of an old manor house, she begins to discover the truth.

In 1947, the worst winter in decades hits England, cutting off entirely the inhabitants of Kings Harcourt Manor. For Tommy Carter, widowed at the start of war, it is particularly hard: the burden of the family falls on her. She has the solace of her children, and the interesting presence of her brother's friend, Fred. But there is also Barbara, a mysterious figure from her past who appears to want a piece of Tommy's future as well.


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Lulu Taylor - Three Book Collection

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