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Paperback, ISBN 9781800324091

Raven and Eagle Series Book 1 

AD 6: The greatest army assembled in a generation prepares to march.

But not Legionary Corvus. He and half his legion are to be left behind to garrison the province of Pannonia: a wild place where the mountains are as deadly as any foe.

Corvus despairs as he watches his closest friend Marcus march to war, not knowing that his own eager thirst for battle is about to be quenched. A huge rebel army has revolted against the Empire, and Corvus and his few comrades are all that stand against them…

A gritty historical adventure, perfect for fans of Ben Kane and Simon Scarrow.  

Outstanding… Geraint's own military service has helped create a realistic and gritty vision of what it was like to be a soldier in Roman times. Bold, violent, but also deeply introspective, this book offers insight not only into history, but also the mind of the soldier. I couldn't put it down' Steven Pressfield, author of Gates of Fire

'Blood and guts, but also a clever exploration of the moral ambiguity of war and loyalty to a flag' Mail on Sunday

'Brutal, audacious, and fast paced' Anthony Riches, author of the Empire series.


Geraint Jones
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Geraint Jones - Legion: Raven and Eagle Book 1

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Product Code 9781800324091