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Paperback, ISBN 9781804364314

The epic third instalment from the author of the acclaimed Anthrax Island and Times book of the month, Black Run.

An agent the world thinks is dead can be useful. John Tyler has gone rogue, pursuing an international vendetta against those responsible for killing his brother.

But he's lured back by the CIA for one final mission to wipe the slate clean. Simple, for a man like Tyler: journey to an old Soviet-era hotel on an ice-locked island in the frozen wastes of Siberia to obtain information from a Russian scientist about a double agent within NATO. But strange things are afoot, events related to the hotel's grisly past and the KGB's Cold war experiments into psychic phenomena...

Unexplained deaths revolve around the scientist, and with enemies from Tyler's own past emerging from the rotting woodwork, he must fight to keep the man alive against the odds. But a killer stalks the hotel's dilapidated corridors, able, apparently, to kill through concrete walls and sealed doors. As Tyler homes in on the NATO double agent, he quickly realises nothing is as it seems, no-one can be trusted, and his own past is coming back to haunt him...

From the steaming jungles of central Africa to the bustling streets of London via the frozen tundra, this is the heart-stopping final instalment in the John Tyler trilogy. Perfect for fans of Alistair MacLean and Robert Ludlum.


D.L Marshall
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D.L Marshall - 77 North (John Tyler Book 3)

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